3231THS Managing Hospitality Service Experiences

3231THS Managing Hospitality Service Experiences

Workshop Guide Week 11

  • Reminders about upcoming assessments:
  • This workshop is designed to get you thinking about and working on the proposal to implement a recommendation that you will submit for your final individual assignment. The workshop will be largely self-directed and consists of you working independently. Your tutor is there to explain the marking criteria for the assignment in more detail, and for you to ask questions as needed. You do not need to share your ideas with your classmates in this workshop – you can protect your intellectual property as you see fit.


Workshop Tasks:

  1. Review the marking criteria for the final individual assignment. Take note of where you will gain marks, and where you will lose marks. Pay attention to the areas that have the highest weighting.
  2. Select one recommendation from your list of recommendations that were included in your individual written assignment. Write some brief notes about how this recommendation could be implemented from the perspective of the organisation, using the following questions as a guide:
  • What are the expected benefits or outcomes of implementing this recommendation?
  • How can the benefits or outcomes be quantified (measured)?
  • How long will the recommendation take to implement, and what stages are involved along the way?
  • What are the expected costs to the organisation (e.g. labour hours, travel expenses, advertising or consultancy fees, conferencing costs, etc.)?
  • When can the benefits/outcomes be expected after the recommendation is implemented?
  • What key personnel will be responsible / accountable for implementing the recommendation, as well as the ensuring the success of the implementation?
  1. Attempt to create a “slogan” or “tagline” or “catchphrase” that complements your proposal (do some Googling of the types of “slogans” that other service companies have successfully used). It should be relatively short (no more than one sentence) and should capture the essence or purpose of the recommendation/proposal or the  benefits that will be delivered as a result of the implementation. You will include this “slogan” in your final assignment.
  2. As necessary, ask your tutor for input/feedback on the notes you are making and/or the tagline/slogan you have invented.

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