BISM7202 Information Systems for Management

BISM7202 Information
Systems for Management
Assessment Guideline:
Computer-Based Assessment
Microsoft Office Assignment Excel
BISM7202 – Information Systems for Management
Type: Individual Computer-based Assessment
Learning Objectives
3, 4
Deliverable: One electronic file must be submitted via the Blackboard
Assignment Submission Tool consisting of a single Excel file.
Weight: 30%
Task Description
This assignment requires you to create a professional business application using Microsoft Excel
2016 / Microsoft Excel 365. The assignment is worth 30% of your grade in this course. This is an
individual assignment – group work or any collaboration on the assignment is not permitted. This
assignment consists of several tasks to be completed in Excel.
Please be aware of the University’s Statute regarding academic integrity, plagiarism and the
submission of your own work.
Please note you can resubmit your assignment as many times as you like prior to the deadline. We
will only mark the latest version of the assignment submitted up until the due date.
The purpose of this assignment is to test the student’s ability to operate, manage, and interpret
business data in spreadsheets.
The assignment requires no prior technical background. Moreover, it is designed for business
students in general to appreciate basic IS applications. Prior familiarity with the software tool (Excel)
could be beneficial, but will not guarantee a significant advantage or higher marks.
Through tutorials, students are exposed to practical exercises like those in the assignment, develop
the skills to manage business data in Excel, and the skills to complete this assignment. It is essential
that students carry out the required readings and preparation for each tutorial before
attending/attempting each tutorial and this assignment.
Students are to modify and further develop an Excel template that is provided with the Case
Specification (provided in Week 4 of Semester). Students are to format, complete, and further
develop the spreadsheet according to the assessment guidelines and Case Specification.
BISM7202 – Information Systems for Management

This assignment requires you to complete an Excel workbook file using Microsoft Excel 2016 /
Microsoft Excel 365 based on the specification provided in through Blackboard. This document is a
companion to a template Excel workbook that contains several sheets you are to develop as part of
this assessment.
The case has four main requirements for you to develop:
• Complete the development of the template spreadsheet with formulas, functions, and
formatting to a professional standard.
• Undertake a relatively simple ‘What If’ Scenario Analysis of a business proposal.
• Undertake a relatively complex solver analysis to optimise a key performance indicator.
• Interpret these results to provide a business recommendation (with a rationale) and to assess
the developed model for its weaknesses and implications, and reflect on the skills learned.
More details on the specific requirements of the case are contained in the Case Specification.
The Excel template of the expected worksheets will be made available on the BISM7202 Blackboard
site with the Case Specification. The Excel template provided must be used as the basis for the
assignment. You may change the visual formatting (typographical errors, colour, fonts, data format
presentation, column widths, etc) of the Excel template to provide a professional finished product, but
nothing else unless explicitly required in the Case Specification. For example, do not change
the structure of the template spreadsheet (except when you are asked to do so.
Implementation Guidance
You must use Microsoft Excel 2016 (or Microsoft Excel 365) for this assignment. Any of the previous
Microsoft Excel versions (e.g. Microsoft Excel 2007) might cause some unnecessary problems. The
spreadsheet can be undertaken using the latest OSX version of Microsoft Office, but Windows is
It is highly recommended that, prior to assignment submission, you check that your solution
works on the university machines if you have developed it on your own machine – particularly
if you have used the OSX version of Microsoft Excel 2016 OR Microsoft Excel Office 365.
Please develop your solution based on the provided files. In general, you are not allowed to insert any
other columns or tables. If you modify any existing features (except where explicitly instructed),
please specify and explain them in the assumption section on the student details sheet.
When you develop your solution, you should aim to use the functions and features you were taught in
the tutorials as appropriate. However, if you need functions or techniques that are not addressed
explicitly in tutorial exercises, you should explore your pre-tutorial reading materials and preparation
exercises or refer to the help component of Excel. Aspects of the assignment have purposefully been
designed to train and test a student’s self-learning ability with a software application, and thus these
have not been included directly in a tutorial exercise.
Formatting and professionalism
It is expected that your Excel workbook will be used by other staff, and potentially updated in the
future by others.
Therefore, you would be well advised to make your work of the highest quality (e.g. apply
screen freezing to long pages, use name references where appropriate, use lookup functions
instead of nested ifs where a data table exists, do not hardcode changeable data, use
appropriate fonts and colours, graph axes and titles, etc).
Keep in mind, however, that your work will be judged primarily on the quality of your solution rather
than upon its appearance…………


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