Administrative Responsibility, Conflict, and Ethical Reflection


Administrative Responsibility, Conflict, And Ethical Reflection

Ethical Reflection

Ethical reflection would have saved public administrators at Pinellas County from corruption charges and public embarrassment if the administrators had evaluated how buying the property would appear to the outsiders. The whole problem occurred when a group of insiders decided to purchase the property in a casual manner. The county had a history of electing officials and giving them autonomy to perform their tasks with very little challenge or conflict and this made the appraiser, the administrator, and the attorney to believe that the transaction would be completed without a challenge from the public (Menzel, 2015).

The county attorney is selected in this discussion because she must have understood her roles as well the rules that govern the behavior of the attorney before she could agree to help the county appraiser. The county attorney should have given some recommendations that would help in the approval by the county government (Menzel, 2015). The ethical dilemma of the county attorney represented a conflict of interests because she was obligated by the virtue of her position to protect the interests of the taxpayers in Pinellas County against unfair transactions.



Administrative Responsibility, Conflict, and Ethical Reflection

Administrative Responsibility, Conflict, and Ethical Reflection
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Additional Instructions?
Post a brief explanation of how ethical reflection might have helped the Pinellas County public administrators avoid the ethical scandal described in Menzel’s case study. Then, identify the county public administrator you selected and the ethical dilemma associated with his or her role in the scandal. Finally, explain whether the ethical dilemma you described represents conflict of authority, interest, or roles and explain why.

Support your postings and responses with specific references to the resources.

Offer and support an opinion about the use of ethical reflection in weighing personal interests against objective responsibility from your postings.
Expand on your ’ postings by explaining how the ethical dilemmas that you selected might represent a different conflict (authority, interest, or role) from the one you described. If you are a non–U.S.-based student, explain how the dilemmas your colleagues described might be different in your region. Administrative Responsibility, Conflict, and Ethical Reflection.