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According to systems theory, business organisations do not operate in isolation because they operate in a dynamic environment. They are impacted by a number of internal and external forces and require making adjustments to align with the changing business environment (Allen 2014). A business that fails to make strategic changes to align with the changing business environment is doomed to fail. As the local business environment become crowded, business make overseas overtures. The international market provides a business with expanded market opportunities where it can exploit the limitations of the local market (Sterman 2000). However, venturing into the international market also comes with a major challenge due to cultural differences. Before venturing into the international market, a business must make careful consideration of the local environment and how compatible it will be with the business culture. A careful analysis of the destination market forces is necessary to assess the viability of the business and then determine the best method to enter into the target market.



BUSS 3103 M&S Textiles

BUSS 3103 International Business Environments
An International Business Plan
M&S Textiles Australia is a manufacturer of quality cotton fabrics. Due to increased
competition from cheaper imported goods, the company is contemplating the establishment of a
manufacturing plant in Asia to reduce the cost of manufacturing at home. The company has
identified Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia as potential countries for the
establishment of the overseas manufacturing plant. As a complement of the current production
in Australia, this new facility will supply products to customers around the world (include
Australia), but it will not sell products itself. The headquarters of M&S Australia is responsible
for sales and marketing at home and abroad.
You, as the task force of International Business Department in M&S Australia, are
required to choose ONE of these countries, and write a report to the Board of Directors.
In the report, you need to identify the advantages and disadvantages, the risks and
opportunities, and other relevant aspects of operating in that country. Based on your
findings, some relevant strategies should be suggested to benefit from the
advantages/opportunities and mitigate the disadvantages/risks. Based on your report, the
Board of Directors will decide where, how, and whether the company will go.
When preparing your report, you are required to link your arguments to the course
content, and to support your suggestions with relevant data such as what risks are in the
country you choose, how the company should do to deal with these risks, and how
M&S’s presence in the country would enhance M&S’s current business, etc. Please find
the Assignment Help at: guides.library.unisa.edu.au/c.php?g=169967&p=6199590.
❖ Students are allowed to complete this assignment either individually or in a team
of up to 5 students. BUSS 3103 M&S Textiles.
❖ Both team-completed and individually finished reports follow the same
❖ An assignment group should only have students from the same tutorial class or
the same external class.
❖ Grades of students in the same group are determined by the entire assignment
submission and the peer evaluation of group members.
❖ The assignment includes three tasks:
• (1) Individual: one-page memo (5%); due 16 September 7.00pm
• (2) Individual: 2-minute video (10%); due 21 October 7.00pm
• (3) Group: the plan (25%); due 21 October 7.00pm
• This task is worth 5% of your final marks of this course.
• Marking criteria include:
– Clear and succinct focus on the business issue at hand
– Adaptation to target audience knowledge/needs
– Addressing concerns of different target audience and use of appropriate appeals
– Clear analysis and conclusion
– Professional presentation
• Students are required to complete and submit the memo individually.
• Please follow the given template (Appendix 1) to write memo regarding:
– Which country does your group choose?
– What tasks are planned to complete the group assignment?
– Who will complete each task, and when?. BUSS 3103 M&S Textiles.
• One A4 page only.
• The memo has to be submitted via the course learnonline website
• This task is worth 10% of your final marks of this course.
• Marking criteria include:
– Clear and succinct focus on the topic of the media article
– Appropriate language/ words to address target audience knowledge and needs
– Content and organisation to aid audience understanding, engagement
– Delivery of message
• Every student needs to record and submit a short video individually.
• The length of a video clip should be 2 minutes (20 seconds more/less are
• In the video presentation, you should summarise:
– What did you do in the group task of the assignment?
– What did you learn from the group task?
• The presentation should be recorded and submitted in the MP4 format, using either a
smart phone, or a computer, or another viable equipment.
• The size of the video file should be smaller than 15MB.
• The video has to be submitted via the course learnonline website.
Task 1: Individual one-page memo
Task 2: Individual 2-minute video
This assignment is worth 25% of your final marks of this course. Assessment of this
task follows the Marking Guideline (Appendix 2). If you complete the assignment with
other students, your marks may vary in the assignment group, because other group
members will evaluate your contribution with a peer-evaluation form (Appendix 3)
• Be aware that the assignment is in the style of a report (see an example on page 3
and talk with your teacher if you are notsure).
• You may use both real information of M&S Textiles Australia and “presumed”
information to complement the real information for supporting your arguments.
Wherever “presumed” information is used, some reasonable justification is
required. BUSS 3103 M&S Textiles.
• This report must be prepared using 1½ line spacing in Times New Roman 12pt
• The report is to be 1,500 words in length (10% more/less is acceptable). Tables
and figures that are included in the text will contribute to the word limit. Each
figure counts 100 words. The word limit excludes the executive summary (no
more than 300 words), the list of references, and appendices. Information in
appendices will NOT be marked (i.e., no marks).
• All information resources used in your report must be dated no earlier than 2015,
and no undated resources may be used.
• The Harvard system of referencing is to be used. Failure to use or adequately
use the Harvard system of referencing will result in a grade of fail being awarded
for this assessment.
• It is suggested to use 8 to 12 references in the assignment.
• “Executive Summary”:
• Provide an “Executive Summary” prior to formal sections (e.g.,Introduction)
• The executive summary is not part of the word count. It should NOT exceed 300
• The executive summary provides an overview of the report. Hence, it should state
the purpose of the report (topic etc.), the key findings in the report, and the key
recommendations made in a concise way.
• The executive summary does not replace the introduction part of the report. The
introduction should still state the topic being covered in the report, and the
structure of the report.
General Expectations:
Task 3: Group – the plan
• The report should be well written and well referenced. Ensure that you follow the
Harvard referencing style as required by UniSA. Your report should present a
strong argument by identifying the key issues related to the topic.
• Taking a critical view, your report should highlight the positives and negatives of
the issues and argue for which perspective you believe is stronger. This should be
highlighted in your recommendations in the report.
• Your arguments should be based on facts and evidence. So it is important that
you use relevant reports, articles, and figures from reliable and reputable
sources, and appropriately acknowledge them. The quality of your sources of
information is important. Avoid using sources like Wikipedia.
• Please thoroughly check your report to ensure that it complies with the academic
integrity requirements of the university. All submissions will be checked for
plagiarism using text comparison software. BUSS 3103 M&S Textiles.
• In accordance with the school guidelines, assignments submitted late without
permission from the course coordinator will lead to a penalty of 10% of the total
possible marks for the assignment per day, or part thereof, after the due date.
• If the group task (the final plan) is completed by a group of students, one of the
group members will submit the assignment. Duplicated submission may result
in high similarity rates and raise Academic Integrity concerns.
• In the cover page of the assignment, please list all names of the group members.
• Students need to submit two documents for the assignment:
1/ The “International Business Plan” itself.
2/ If working with other students, a peer evaluation form is recommended. This
form should be submitted individually by every group member, as the peer
evaluation is confidential and not supposed to be read by other students. If you
work on your own-do not belong to a group, you do not need to submit the
peer evaluation.
• All assignments should be submitted via the Assignment submission webpage
on learnonline.
Writing assistance:
• Several examples of the “Pass” assignment are available on learnonline.
• An example of a report structure is in Appendix 4:
You do NOT have to follow the example structure, but you may use it if you
cannot construct another one. For example, you may add an extra section to
discuss an issue that is very important for your group. Likewise, you may remove
one or several sections, if you do not think the issues of these sections matter.
Appendix 1: Memo template
FROM: … your name…
SUBJECT: THE ENTRY INTO .. the country name ..
DATE: .. date…
CC: … names of your group members, if you have …
… to introduce the background, e.g., what is this memo for …



BUSS 3103 M&S Textiles