Chicken Wings Food Truck Competitive Advantages


Chicken Wings Food Truck Competitive Advantages

One of the competitive advantages of the business is the brand name. The name “chicken wings” clearly reflect the product offering of the company, which is difficult to imitate. It is easier to remember the brand name and relate it to the product offering (Porter, 1985).  The brand name is easier to remember and easily identifiable to customers since it reflect the menu offering.

Another competitive advantage is low cost of operation. The food truck sells direct to the consumers thereby eliminating middle-men who could drive cost up. In addition, the business model reduces overheads associated with many employees to run a brick and mortar restaurant as well as rent and other costs (Porter, 1985). By specializing in a narrow menu item of chicken wings, chips and drinks, the business is able to product the menu items at a lower cost because staffs are specialized in the product and can have a higher output.



Chicken Wings Food Truck Competitive Advantages

Industry Background:

Food trucks have been rising in popularity over the last decade. For example, in the U.S. there are over 4,000 food trucks. Consumers are increasingly keen to try new food experiences, and food trucks are no longer associated with anonymous “roadside burger flippers” but are places that offer “boutique food experience” for consumers. Nearly half of all millennials have eaten from a food truck. The popularity of food trucks also means that there is plenty of competition. Only the savviest food truck owners are going to make it. That means that YOUR food truck marketing strategy could make or break for your business. Chicken Wings Food Truck Competitive Advantages.


The product information:

The food truck name: Wings Paradise

The main product: Chicken wings

Cooking ways:  BBQ chicken wings or Fried chicken wings

Select cooking ways:  BBQ or Fried

Mouthful boneless wings & Original wings

A variety of sauces provided:


BBQ  chicken wings

Wings Coated in a choice of the sauces:





Original taste




Fried chicken wings

Wings Coated in a choice of the sauces:

Hot spicy

Sweet chili






Combos: Chicken wings with chips/salad + drinks

Task: You need to write a presentation note (Used strategies and concept in PowerPoints)  to determine the products’ competitive advantages in Brisbane food truck market. You also need to examine how these strategies(Differentiation strategy, Market follower strategies) and other relevant theories/concepts applied to develop competence of the products. (400w)……..