Consolidation/Termination Phase/Stage


Consolidation/Termination Phase/Stage

The termination phase is the last stage in group therapy. This is the stage at which the group has accomplished its goals or the time limit for its existence has arrived and group members have to part ways (Lupe & Randall, 2009). It is one of the most critical phases of group therapy because it determines how group members will cope with the separation after developing some dependence. The feeling of sadness and separation that accompanies this stage may affect some group members to relapse. Therefore, the group leader must handle termination phase with utmost care.

Effective Termination

Termination phase enables the group leader to put to end the process of the group work. It is requires putting closure on the group experience and a close examination of the impact of the group on each group members.  The group leader must help the group members acknowledge the feelings and sadness that are triggered by the departure. Giving and receiving feedback from each group member about their experience is one of the most effective ways of ensuring effective termination (Lupe & Randall, 2009).



Consolidation/Termination Phase/Stage

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Consolidation/Termination Phase/Stage
TAnswer the following questions about your new psychotherapeutic group (see Assignment 10.1: Group Manual).

How you would effectively terminate therapy with your group?
What are some interventions you might employ during termination? Address some functions or problems that group members might encounter and some functions or obstacles you as group leader might encounter. How would you address these issues for members and for yourself?
How you would evaluate your groups? What type of follow-up will you provide to group members?
Write a four- to five-page (not including the reference page), double-spaced paper with a minimum of three references (two of which are scholarly), in APA format. You should use this paper as a foundation for one or more sessions in your manual. Consolidation/Termination Phase/Stage.

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