Effective Leader in Group Therapy


Effective Leader in Group Therapy

Group counselling and therapeutic groups has consistently been found to be faced with a wide range of problems that need attention. Leadership is an essential component that is related to the effectiveness of therapeutic groups. In such groups, the group leader helps to facilitate meaningful discussion between the participants, and effectively manages and addresses any conflicts that may arise during the session. As such the group leader must possess certain characteristics to enable them perform their roles effectively.

Characteristics Make An Effective Therapeutic Group Leader

An effective therapeutic leader must have knowledge and understanding of group behaviour and leadership roles (Riva, Wachtel & Lasky, 2004). Basically, a therapeutic group is different from other groups and hence it is of great importance for the leader to understand how people behave in the group, natural progression of group development and how to encourage the group’s growth. The group leader should promote group discussion (Kottler & Englar-Carlson, 2014). Group discussion is the most essential part in therapeutic group and group leaders have the responsibilities of developing strategies that may promote meaningful discussion. This is primarily done by establishing a safe environment through the development of rules and regulations governing the group.



Effective Leader in Group Therapy

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effective leader in group therapy
What characteristics make an effective therapeutic group leader? Do you think you have these characteristics? Why? (Be specific!)

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