Environmental Impact Assessment of Melbourne To Brisbane Inland Rail


Environmental Impact Assessment of Melbourne To Brisbane Inland Rail

    • General

The main focus of the essay is the application of Environmental Impact Assessment process on major projects in Australia. The essay is based on the knowledge that any major project must consider the environmental impact systems such as environmental, economic, and social impacts on the surrounding community. Therefore, the objective of this report is to discuss how state based environmental impact assessment can be applied in the case of the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail to evaluate whether the project should proceed or not. Therefore, this report analysis the project based on environmental impact assessment process outlined by the New South Wales state to determine whether it should proceed or stopped.

  • Project Overview

The $10 billion Inland Rail running from Melbourne to Brisbane was flagged as one of the major infrastructural project. This is a 1,700 km freight rail line connecting Melbourne and Brisbane and that would allow transportation of freight from the major cities in less than 24 hours hence increasing the country’s freight capacity (Australian Government 2018). As announced by Hon Antony Albanese (the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government) on March 2008, the inland railway would reduce the Sydney congestion, reduce the time taken to transport freight from Melbourne to Brisbane, and increase the capacity of freight between the two major cities. Therefore, the infrastructure would have great economic impact on the two cities. The rail route ran through the Central West of the NSW and hence it was important for the federal government in NWS state to assess the environmental impact of the project based on the amount of capital it required (Australian Government 2018).

The inland rail links Melbourne to Brisbane through various regions such as Victoria, NSW, and Queensland.



Environmental Impact Assessment of Melbourne To Brisbane Inland Rail

Please Note: The essay will make up 55% of the total mark.

Write a 2,000 word essay on ONE of the topics listed belowFigures and pictures are encouraged. The word limit applies to the main body of the essay, and excludes the word count for tables or figures, the reference list, or appendices. Environmental Impact Assessment of Melbourne To Brisbane Inland Rail


  1. Choose a ‘major project’ of your choice in Australia, and discuss the application of the relevant state based environmental impact assessment process in evaluating whether the project that you’ve chosen should proceed.


  1. Discuss the application of ‘risk and life cycle analysis‘ in evaluating a major project proposal of your choice, within the context of the applicable environmental impact assessment process for that region.  .


  1. Critically evaluate the environmental impact assessment system in either an Australian state or country of your choice.


  1. Discuss the changes that would need to be made to the Environmental Impact System in South Australia (or another Australian state), to ensure that Australia meets its 2030 climate change target of reducing emissions by 26-28% of its 2005 emission levels. Environmental Impact Assessment of Melbourne To Brisbane Inland Rail.


  1. Discuss the range of environmental assessment tools (and their application), within the context of the relevant planning jurisdiction, that could be applied to a major project of your choice (such as Sydney’s second airport, or a major residential tower building, port upgrade, factory or mine).


  1. A topic developed by you, after consultation with, and the approval of, your tutor…….