Ethics and Social Justice

Relationship Between Ethics And Professional Responsibility

Ethics denote the code of conduct that governs proper professional behaviour. Therefore, ethics influence the professional responsibility of people in different fields such as business, social, and law (Cooper, 2012). Therefore, ethics are used to dilemmas of professional practice

Claude Ferguson’s Approach

The tension between democracy and bureaucracy is a long debate in the public administration literature and these two terms are mainly regarded as adversative properties of political systems. I tend to disagree with the actions of Claude Ferguson of becoming guerrilla to the organization that he loved (O’Leary, 2009). I believe that disagreements and dissents are very common in public organizations especially among the ranks due to the formal and informal structures of the organizations. Nonetheless, that does not ineludibly mean that all disagreements are harmful to organizations or motivate employees to become guerrillas. There must be well management problem solving and conflict resolution mechanisms to address most of the disagreements before they gain much momentum. The actions by Mr Ferguson demonstrated that his professional career was shaped administrative atmosphere but his ethical values were more influential than professional values (O’Leary, 2009).




ethics and social justice
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Additional Instructions?
Post a brief explanation of the relationship between ethics and professional responsibility. Then, explain whether you agree or disagree with the way that Claude Ferguson chose to balance his objective, subjective, and ethical responsibilities as a public administrator given the personal and professional risks. Finally, offer an alternate strategy that Claude Ferguson could have taken and explain why it might help him to balance responsibilities and ethics.

Expand on your postings by offering an insight regarding your suggested relationships between ethics and professional responsibility.
Take the opposite stand regarding agreement with Claude Ferguson’s balancing of responsibilities.
Expand on your suggested alternate courses of action for Claude Ferguson.

Support your postings and responses with specific references to the resources.

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