Improvement of Campos Coffee in short-term.


Improvement of Campos Coffee in short-term.


From the analysis, there are major shortcomings in the current operations of Campos Coffee that have inhibited performance and growth of the company. Therefore, the company should consider implementing the following recommendations:

One, the company need to increase the point of sales to improve sales and revenue. Currently, Campos Coffee has limited market reach because the points of sales are limited to its coffee shops. The competitors like Starbucks have been innovative in their market outreach by establishing outlets in supermarkets, high-end food stores, gas stations and other areas with high traffic to tap in more customers.



Topic: Improvement of Campos Coffee in short-term.

Provide in-depth tactics for how these improvements or enhancements
should be implemented and discuss how you will measure the
effectiveness of these changes.
I’d like to add some details and provide in-depth tactics of each
recommendation. At last, examine some measurements of the
effectiveness of these 3 recommendations. U can apply some theories
and models to it if possible. Improvement of Campos Coffee in short-term.

Recommendation 1: to increase point of sales (i.e supermarkets, and
high-end food stores)
Recommendation 2: to improve promotion of Campos service. (i.e on
their official accounts various social media, in digital screens in their real
Recommendation 3: to corporate with local welfare organisations( i.e 1
cup of coffee = $1 to charity)


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