Market Research Report Hunter Valley Resort


Market Research Report

Hunter Valley Resort



Hunter Valley Resort is a large tourism company in Hunter Valley region offering hospitality and tourist attraction services. The company has been successful in the market by segmenting the market and focusing on specific customers. There are three main segments that form the main focus of the company’s offerings; reflection, outdoor activities, and wine tasting. In this case, the main focus of the company is on outdoor activities for the domestic market and wine tasting and reflection for the international market. The company has developed a strong marketing network especially by collaborating with TripAdvisor to increase traffic on their website. Nonetheless, the resort is faced with a severe threat of intensive competition from other major players in the market thus scribbling for the domestic and international markets. Therefore, this analysis recommends that Hunter Valley Resort should invest in differentiation strategy, market development and promotional strategy in order to remain competitive and retain its market leadership position.


Tourism plays a key role in the economic and social development of Australia. Tourism is generally defined as the process of people travelling and staying out of their residence mainly for holiday, entertainment, sightseeing, rest and recuperation, sports, and medical activities. Australia, just like any other country across the world has various unique things to offer to the visitors whatever their visit reasons. Visitors spend a lot of money on the visited sites and hence improving the economic performance of the area. A good example is the Hunter Valley Region which has economically benefited from tourism in the region. Tourism in Australia can be classified into five;

  1. Holiday Tourism: Including Australian outback, culture and heritage, beaches wildlife, Tasmanian wilderness, nature’s beauty such as national parks, and aboriginal tourism among others. For instance, Aboriginal tourism is valued at $3.8 billion per year (Australian Government, 2015).


Market Research Report Hunter Valley Resort

Type: Research Report
Word Limit: 3,000 words
Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2
Weighting: 45%


Individually, you are required to conduct a market research report on a tourism, events or
hospitality (THE) organization of your choice. Essentially, this report requires you to
document the current competitiveness of your chosen organization through a thorough
review of its current operations from a marketing and distribution channel perspective. It
requires an extensive understanding of your organization and the TH&E industry in general.
Please use the following format to ensure all areas are addressed.
Section 1: Executive Summary
You are to provide an executive summary of your report. This shortened version should
summarize the report so that the reader can understand the larger body of material without
having to read it all. It is to only include material presented in your main report. It is not to
be written as an introduction. Attempt to use past tense.
Section 2: Introduction (400 words)
Your market report should begin with a brief overview of your organization. This should
provide a general overview of the operational context in which your organization trades.
You are also to briefly mention the distribution channel your organization is affiliated with.
Here, there should be some statistics relating to your chosen TH&E industry context.
Section 3: Portfolio Analysis (700 words)
Using the matrix created in the checkpoint earlier in the semester, you are to provide a
detailed portfolio analysis for your organization based on three key experiences that it
provides. You are also to showcase the relationship with these experiences and the
distribution channels that it provides.
Section 4: Market Segmentation Analysis (700 words)
You are to provide a market segmentation analysis of three (3) major markets [customers]
that you perceive your organization should provide services to. Based on your

understanding of your chosen organization, you are to prioritize each of the target markets
through a detailed level of analysis.
Section 5: Organization Competitiveness: (800 words)
This section will require you to examine, based on your research, how well you perceive
that your organization performs. Here, you are to consider the competitiveness stance. It
will be based very much on your judgment combined with research statistics. You will need
to thoroughly discuss how does the experience portfolio, target markets and choice/s of
distribution channels work together to contribute to the organization’s competitive stance.
Section 6: Recommendations (300 words). Market Research Report Hunter Valley Resort.
This section requires you to outline in detail two (2) recommendations for your organization
to enhance its competitive position. Here I would like you to consider a different direction for
your organization in its planning. Some suggestions could include (but are NOT limited to):
 Should there be a change of market segmentation?
 Should a new market be targeted?
 Should a new experience be developed?
 Should a new/alternative distribution channel be considered?
 Should changes be made in the marketing communication strategies?
Section 7: Conclusion (100 words)
This final section is a brief overview that summaries the previous sections of your research
report. It is to mention each of the different sections that you have considered and leave the
reader with a complete picture of how your organization performs.
It is expected that the word limit of 3,000 words is NOT exceeded; consequently you will
need to be very succinct and thorough with your research report. It is advised that you ask
someone to read through your report prior to submission to limit potential wordiness or
APA (6 th  edition) is required for this report. For guidance please refer to UQ’s website.