MGMT 90015: Athena Bancorp


Athena Bancorp

Athena Bank is a community bank that is focused on the banking needs of small businesses and individuals. The bank was established in 2015 by Beth Daniels who was a former senior vice president in charge of lending of BayPoint Financial Bank’s New England region (Schlesinger & Abbott, 2019). Daniels had worked in the banking industry for a long time and hence she had a great deal of experience on how to manage a community bank. Her bank was customer centric- a gap she had identified when working for the BayPoint Financial (Schlesinger & Abbott, 2019). Athena Bank focused on market expansion, customer centric, human resource development, and application of technology strategies to increase its competitiveness in the US banking industry. Basically, the U.S. banking industry one of the most regulated industries in the market as the government- under the Federal Reserve Bank- wants to protect customers’ deposits. This is done by monitoring how banks utilize the deposits made by customers and whether banks operating in the market have adequate capital. The strict regulation is partly because banks contribute significantly towards the economic growth and development of the country. While the banking industry was regarded as mature, there was a great market that could be captured by Athena Bank especially focusing on community banking. For instance, a survey by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in 2017 revealed that 8.4 million and 24.2 households in the United States were unbanked and underbanked respectively (Schlesinger & Abbott, 2019).



MGMT 90015 Assignment 1: HRM Case study (Semester 2, 2019)


Weighting: 40 %
Word count: Maximum of 2500 words (excluding references)

1. This is an individual assignment requiring you to analyze a set case study and provide
written advice on HRM issues.
2. Questions to guide your analysis are provided on p.2 of these instructions.
3. Your advice needs to be based on research. Be sure to provide support for
whatever advice you provide (for examples of suitable academic journals see p. 1
of the subject guide). MGMT 90015: Athena Bancorp.
4. At a minimum, you need to draw on TEN (10) academic journal articles in your
5. The case study for this assignment is provided on the LMS subject page.
6. The assessment criteria for this assignment are provided on p.2 of these
7. Format and layout:
• Cover sheet with student name and ID
• Report format
• 12-point font
Double spacing
• Pages numbered
• APA referencing style
8. Your teaching staff will help you prepare for writing this report.
9. Your report needs to be submitted electronically via Turn-it-in on the LMS subject

HRM case study ‘Athena Bancorp’


You have been asked to reflect and advise on HRM at Athena Bancorp.
In particular, you have been tasked with providing answers to the following questions:
1) How important are human resources to Athena Bancorp’s strategy?
2) What HR challenges is Athena Bancorp currently facing?
3) How should Beth Daniels proceed?
4) What are the HRM lessons of this case for other growing service businesses?

Assessment Criteria:
Identification and analysis of key issues in the case
– Understanding and application of research to case issues
– Research (Academic journals)
– Recommendations. MGMT 90015: Athena Bancorp.
– Written style (expression, spelling, grammar, punctuation)
– Referencing
Format and presentation………….... MGMT 90015: Athena Bancorp…