MGTS 7605 Toyota Performance Management System


Toyota Performance Management System


Performance management system is a systematic system approach that helps an organisation to measures employee performance. It is the process used by organisations to align the mission, vision, goals, and objectives, with the resources, systems, and put in place priorities (Behara & Gundersen, 2001). It is a strategic, administrative, communication, developmental, organisational maintenance, and documentation tool that helps the organisation to increase the productivity of its workforce (Kaynak, 2003). It helps the organisation to assess the performance of its workforce and put in place measures to improve areas with minimal performance. This study explores performance management of Toyota, in terms of the key components of the system, its appropriateness, and suggests improvements.

Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation is among the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. The company was founded in 1933as Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. The company started off as an automobile department and produce the first A1 prototypes passenger car and a G1 truck in 1935. Toyota Motor Co. Ltd was launched in 1937 and has undergone different changes and growth from that time to become among the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. By 1950, Toyota had manufactured about 100,000 cars (Toyota). The headquarters of the company are in Toyota City, Aichi and apart from vehicle manufacturing; the company is also involved in financial service through the company’s financial service division.



MGTS 7605 Toyota Performance Management System

MGTS 7605 Individual Assignment Guide

Overview of the assignment
The purpose of the assignment is to evaluate a performance management (PM) system. It is
intended to demonstrate your critical thinking about the continuous process of planning
human resources, assessment of performance, and development of employees.
To start, find a PM system. It can be one you have personal experience of (i.e., used in your
current / previous workplace), one that is being used in a family / friend’s workplace, or
sourced from books, articles, or the internet. In evaluating the system, refer to the elements of
the assignment below:
• A description of the PM system: Describe the PM system you selected, including
what country / industry / organisation it belongs to. Descriptions should include how
the PM system functions in the context of work or business cycles, HR policies that
reflect the PM system, workplace practices, and other artefacts that characterise the
system used. MGTS 7605 Toyota Performance Management System.
• An evaluation of the PM system from the perspective of course concepts and logic:
Evaluate aspects of the PM system, by using course concepts (i.e., theories and ideas
discussed in class). Students should ideally refer to 10 academic journal articles to
ensure that their evaluation is grounded in scientific findings and theories. Attempt to
evaluate the PM system from as many perspectives as possible, including how the PM
system supports organisational goals, motivates employees, how it promotes fairness
and justice, represents an ongoing process, promotes high performance, and how it
can lead to the development of employees. Also think about the appropriateness of the
PM system, given professional / industry / national / cultural expectations and norms.
• Supporting documents: You should include as an appendix some documentation of
PM system, which can be in the form of official documents, manuals, transcribed
interviews, or other sources. If you are not sure how to document a PM system,
contact the lecturer for guidance. If available, attach job descriptions relevant to the
PM system you are evaluating. MGTS 7605 Toyota Performance Management System.
• References: In addition to in-text citations, you should include a reference section,
ideally with 10 or more academic journal articles. You should use the Academy of
Management Journal style ( throughout.

Submission: The assignment should be submitted via Turnitin, via BlackBoard.Academic integrity: Appropriate citation and attribution of ideas should be made clear
throughout your assignment. Students will lose marks for copying and pasting others’ work
without appropriate attribution or acknowledgement. Students will also lose marks for using
existing analyses of PM systems – your work must be original. MGTS 7605 Toyota Performance Management System.

Marking guidelines: A marking guideline is available via the ECP (https://course-