Public Administration


Public Administration

Quality of Evidence

The three articles; Leslie-Bole and Perramond (2017), Piotrowski (2017), and Rivera and Ward (2017) on public administration are well written and captures the intended message. These articles are peer reviewed and clearly indicate how data was collected and analyzed. However, the article on “open government reform” by Piotrowski (2017) is the most professional and well written. The author has read very widely as evidenced by the use of a wide range of references. The author who has worked as researcher for Open Government Partnership Independent Review Mechanism for the United States seems to understand public policy and administration of the Second National Action Plan as evidenced in his argument that “open government initiatives which include transparency, participation and collaboration policies have become a major administrative reform (p. 3). Leslie-Bole and Perramond (2017) and Rivera and Ward (2017) used a wide range of well updated references to support ideas on public policy and administration.



Public Administration

Public administration
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Public Relations
Additional Instructions?
•Identify at least 3 peer review elements within each of the articles by Leslie-Bole and Perramond, Piotrowski, and Rivera and Ward.
•Use specific examples to explain which article you consider to be the most professional and well written.Avoid the following types of non-peer reviewed articles:
•Trade Journals for specific industries
•Popular Magazines that casually inform, entertain, or present an opinion
•Newspapers which often are the first to report a newsworthy story, but do not go into any depth of research
•Books and Ebooks that provide broad and foundational coverage of a topic but are soon out-of-date
•Encyclopedias and handbooks that feature introductory overviews of topics at a superficial level

See “Distinguishing scholarly from non-scholarly periodicals: A checklist of criteria” at the Cornell University Library

See also

Consult the following list of international peer reviewed journals:

Leslie-Bole, H., & Perramond, E. P. (2017). Oyster feuds: Conflicting discourses and outcomes in Point Reyes, California. Journal of Political Ecology, 24, 2. Retrieved from
•Piotrowski, S. J. (2017). The “Open Government Reform” movement: The case of the open government partnership and US transparency policies. The American Review of Public Administration, 47(2), 155-171. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
•Rivera, M. A., & Ward, J. D. (2017). Toward an analytical framework for the study of race and police violence. Public Administration Review, 77(2), 242-250. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

in a 1-page paper:
•Analyze the article you selected by doing each of the following: ◦Evaluate the quality of evidence, appropriateness of the content and writing style for the target audience, and the author’s potential bias. Then, explain whether or not the article meets professional standards for scholarly writing.
◦Explain how various audiences might perceive the author’s intent and message.
◦Explain how you might revise the article to make it more appropriate for an international audience.