Quantitative Report


Quantitative Report


Participants have different motivations and attitudes towards surveys presented to them. Being a good researcher it is very imperative to learn and understand participants’ motivations and perceptions towards surveys. To ensure that I learned and understood participants’ motivations and perceptions, I studied hard on quantitative studies provided in some friends with great expertise in that field as well as online studies and discussions. I was engaged in designing and drafting surveys with my friend and in the process I gained considerable skills on how to go about it. My online study was mainly focused on employee motivation survey and customer attitude towards loyalty programs provided by supermarkets to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The online study was short but very precise and hence by the end of the study I was well polished with the skills required to conduct a quantitative study. Therefore, when I was making decision on the best survey method to employ, online survey took precedence owing to the experience I gained when I was helping a friend to conduct an online survey.



Quantitative Report

AMB201 Marketing & Audience Research
Quantitative Project Guide (Project 2)
Purpose: This project provides a comprehensive quantitative research experience. You will experience
the participant perspective, researcher perspective, and develop skills in the communication
of research. The project is intended to support the development of well-rounded researchers
and informed consumers of research.
Key Dates: Week 7: Monday, 7 January (start date)
Quantitative research studies on SONA system available for participation from this date until
report submission (Part 1)

Week 8: Friday 11.59pm, 18 January (deadline)
Administer surveys and upload data via online survey system by deadline (Part 2)
Week 9: Friday 11.59pm, 25 January (deadline)
Submit hardcopy signed consent forms via GP-Z-Block Level 10 mailbox by deadline (Part 2)
Week 11: Friday 11.59pm, 8 February (deadline)
Submit Quantitative Project Report via Turnitin on Blackboard by deadline (Part 3)
Length: Report should not exceed 2000 words (+/-10%, excludes appendices and reflections)
Weighting: 50% of grade
Quantitative Project Overview:
The quantitative project is composed of three parts. Part 1 and Part 2 are designed as short practical
experiences. Part 3 allows you to develop skills in communicating research. Each part is outlined below.
Step-by-step instructions are provided on the next page.
Part 1 – Participant Perspective (short practical experience)
You have the opportunity to take part in two short quantitative research studies running in the business school
and to reflect on the experience of being a participant. A variety of studies are available (most take about 20-
30 mins). This practical experience can be used to inform how you conduct your own research (Part 2). Your
reflection is to be included in your written report (Part 3). A non-participation alternative is also available.
Part 2 – Researcher Perspective (short practical experience)
As a researcher, you will administer surveys to two respondents on a class research topic (allow about 15
minutes per survey). Your own experience as a research participant (Part 1) may be helpful to draw on when
you conduct your surveys. Upload your survey data to the class database. Data from these surveys will be
analysed and used as the basis for your research report (Part 3).
Part 3 – Communication of Research (analysis and write-up)
In this part of the project you will produce a written report that includes your reflection (from Part 1), and
findings from the survey conducted by the class (Part 2). Data analysis will be done by the unit co-ordinator
(you can also conduct your own analysis if you want). Your report will involve you communicating insights
in both written form and visual form (e.g., infographic), thus helping you to develop useful skills in
communicating research. Guidance on all aspects of the analysis and report will be provided in tutorials. Quantitative Report.
Step-by-Step Instructions
Tip: Work through the steps below systematically and check-off as you go.
Part 1 – Participant Perspective (short practical experience)
a) Log-in to the SONA research participation system (https://qutbusiness.sona-systems.com) using the
log-in details emailed to you in Week 1. Read through the details of available studies to see what
interests you. Sessions run at a variety of times, and some are doable online. Most take about 20-30
b) Register and take part in two studies. It can be a valuable learning experience to choose a study-type
you have not previously experienced, however the choice is yours. Quantitative Report.
c) Reflect on the experience of being a research participant in your two chosen studies. Write up a brief
reflection using the guide on Blackboard. You will submit your reflection with your final report.
Note: If you are unable or unwilling to participate in research, a comparable alternative can be
requested. This will involve reading, and undertaking a critical review of an approved quantitative
research article from an academic journal, and writing a reflection based on that. Please contact the
unit coordinator by the end of Week 3 if this applies to you.
Part 2 – Researcher Perspective (short practical experience)
a) Download the survey from the link on Blackboard when it becomes available.
b) Administer the survey to two respondents (allow about 15 minutes per survey). The qualifying
criteria for respondents will be outlined in class. Ensure each respondent provides signed consent.
c) Upload your survey data by entering it into the online survey system by the given deadline.
d) Submit hardcopies of your signed survey consent forms to the mailbox on Level 10 of Z-Block at
Gardens Point. You can mail your hardcopy forms in using the postal address in the Contact Us section
of Blackboard if easier. Original hardcopy consent forms need to be stored under Qld legislation.
Part 3 – Communication of Research (written report)
a) A link to the survey data uploaded by all students in the class will be made available on Blackboard.
This data will be analysed by the unit coordinator and you will be provided with the results. The data
will also be available for you to conduct your own analysis if you wish. Interpret the results.
b) Write your report using the structure discussed in class (see also Blackboard). Please use APA
formatting (see QUT Cite|Write website: www.citewrite.qut.edu.au).
c) Include an appendix to your report showing scanned copies of your completed surveys (photo pasted
into document is also fine). Tutors will use this to confirm your data collection.
d) Submit an electronic copy of your report (including appendix showing surveys) via Turnitin on
Blackboard by the indicated deadline. Quantitative Report.