Service Marketing Audit Of Flight Centre

Service Marketing Audit Of Flight Centre

  1. Executive Summary

Service marketing is an important aspect in marketing that evaluates and analyses the competitiveness of a service in the market. In the travel industry, customers are influenced by the quality of services offered and more specifically by responsiveness of employees, reliability of the service, and time spent when inquiring or purchasing the service. The travel industry in Australia is very competitive and hence market players must be very competitive in terms of prices offered and the quality of services offered to customers in order to remain relevant in the market. Flight Centre is a major player in the Australian travel industry by providing a wide range of quality services to domestic and international customers. The analysis of the service process of the company has several failure points mainly related to waiting time and unresponsiveness of the front- line employees. The physical evidence of the company shows that the layout and design influence customer behaviour and purchasing intentions. This study recommends development of a design and store layout that is more appealing to the young customers especially in terms of time saving.

  1. Analysis of Customer, Competitor, and Company (3Cs)
    • Company Analysis

Flight Centre Group Ltd is a travel agency that offers travel services and travel- related products and services. The company sells its service offerings through online channels and retail spaces. Travel- related services offered by Flight Centre include; recruitment marketing, travel academies, bike retailing, currency exchange, and employee benefit businesses. Founded in 1982, Flight Centre is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia and it is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The company operates over 2800 businesses and shops under different retail and corporate brands and has full operations in the United Kingdom, China, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada mong other nations. Flight Centre offers customers with great travel experiences at reasonable prices offering intangible value that inspires the consumers’ mind. Thus, based on the service classification framework by Lovelock (1983), the company is a mental stimulus.



Service Marketing Audit Of Flight Centre

3006MKT Service Design and Standard Report

Background Information
In this report, you will need to conduct a marketing audit on a service company of your choice. Marketing
audit is a systematic investigation of a company’s current marketing activities with a view to identifying
problem areas and recommending a plan of improvement. The company should offer service products
which are service dominant rather than goods dominant, for example, local mover, travel agent, gym, hotel,
hairdresser rather than a supermarket, café or restaurant. In addition, you are not allowed to choose an
airline company because we will use it for class activities to illustrate various sections of this report.
Understanding the Customer, Competitor, and Company or the analysis of 3 Cs (see chapter 3) will provide
a good direction for the marketing audit. After the analysis of the 3Cs, your team will then examine three
areas of current services marketing activities (i.e., service blueprint, physical evidence, customer service)
and provide recommendations to make an improvement on the current strategy. The recommendations
should offer a strategic fit for the company. You are only required to conduct secondary research (using
public available data) for this assignment. Service Marketing Audit Of Flight Centre.
Some companies are large and offer a portfolio of services; therefore students should narrow their scope in
the report and state the scope they are analysing (e.g., Telstra prepaid Mobile). The service company should
be one which you can easily get information on, for example, media, website, or which you have previously
worked in or have experiences as a consumer of the service.
1. Service company/organisation profile (see Learning@Griffith)
Due Date: No later than week 5, please submit a hardcopy to your tutor.
Notes: Your tutor will decide if the chosen company is appropriate for the assignment. The decision will be
informed to you in the following workshop.
2. Service design and standard report
Due Date: Week 9, Thursday 12/Sep/19 at 23.59
Submission: Students are only required to submit the assignment via SafeAssign on Learning@Griffith. Service Marketing Audit Of Flight Centre.
Weighting & Words limit
This assignment is worth 40% of the total marks and has 2500 words limit excluding executive summary,
references and appendices. A penalty mark applies, if your report contains over 2,750 words.
Other Requirements
1. Cover page: include the following information: 1) tutor’s name, 2) Workshop date & time, 3) Name and
student ID, and 4) company name
2. Format: 12-point Times New Roman font and double-spaced.
3. APA style for citing and referencing
4. Tables, Diagrams and Figures should be included in the main section.
5. Only supplementary material may be contained in appendix.

Report Structure
Executive Summary

Provide a brief overview (maximum 1 page) of the report. The executive summary should be succinct and should
cover the key points of the report.

Analysis of Customer, Competitor, and Company (3Cs)

– Company analysis: Provide some background information on the service company including current positioning and
reputation/brand image. Analyse and discuss key strengths and weaknesses of the company.
– Customer analysis: Briefly define and profile the main markets of the company (including market segments and
target market). Analyse market attractiveness and customer needs. Identify consumer trend.
Discuss the overall opportunities and threats based on the analysis of customer and competitor.
– Competitor analysis: Identify the current positioning of the competitors and your company using a positioning map
(comparing your company against key competitors). Analyse and discuss key strengths and weaknesses of key
(see Chapter 3 for more details on 3 Cs analysis)

Analysis of Service Blueprint
In this part, you will need to draw service blueprint (see seminar activity).
Evaluate the current process: Identify the potential fail points during the process, for example, waiting time. Service Marketing Audit Of Flight Centre.

Analysis of Customer Service Strategy

This part may include the standard at service encounters, an interaction between service employees and customers,
and overall service quality.
Evaluate the strategy: Identify potential problems with the current strategy. For example, a customer made a complaint
on TripAdvisor about a frontline employee who was very rude and slow.
Analysis of Physical Evidence (Servicescape)

Analyse the current physical evidence strategy: This may include cleanliness, the comforts of waiting area.
Evaluate the strategy: Identify potential problems with the current strategy. For example, the waiting area is clean and
tidy only in the Morning but becomes very untidy in the afternoon.

In this part, you will propose a solution to each problem that you have identified in the previous sections. You will
need to discuss why the proposed solution is appropriate. Good solutions should be practical and based on the analysis
of company, customer and competitor. Do not suggest a major infrastructure change which may require a million of
dollar investment. You also need to identify and discuss the most urgent problem facing the company to make an
immediate change/improvement. Service Marketing Audit Of Flight Centre.


A minimum of 8 references is required for the report. Students should use APA referencing format to reference all
sources of information such as textbooks, journal articles, websites (e.g. Australian Bureau of statistics or news
websites) and business periodicals (e.g. Forbes, Australian Financial Review)

The appendices include supplementary materials that support the analyses…….. Service Marketing Audit Of Flight Centre….