Will Local Journalism Survive the Internet Age?


Will Local Journalism Survive the Internet Age?

The world has experienced transformation especially with the advancement of the internet technology. Technology has changed how things were done previously especially in the field of journalism and public relations. The current generation is more inclined to the internet than conventional media for sources of information and news which may pose a significant threat to the local journalism. For instance, the increased penetration and adoption of smartphones in the developing and advanced market is a key drive for consumption of social media news more than conventional media news. As such, a large number of people get news from their friends and relations on social media. This begs the question; will the local journalism survive the internet age?

It is widely conceived that local journalism is synonymous with newspapers and the current discussion on local journalism focus so much on newspapers. Local journalism is the sourcing, analysing, and dissemination of news and information that is involved and integrated in the local communities. Two decades ago, no newspaper reader would have imagined that print news would be replaced by the internet as it is the case today. Local journalism, unlike international journalism covers a limited space more specifically in the towns and localities. The importance of local journalism in dissemination of information cannot be underestimated in terms of impacts. However, with the advancement in the internet technology, the increased use of smartphones and social media even in local areas, local journalism is at risk. Carson, Muller, Martin and Simons (2016) probed the new symbiotic relationships for hyperlocal journalism in the digital age and concluded that the local media is increasingly adapting to the changes in technology through the formation of symbiotic alliances.



Will Local Journalism Survive the Internet Age?

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